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August 22, 2010

Welcome to Ascension… a flying adventure


Whats going on…

November 5, 2011

I’ve been sucked into the world of multicopters, brilliant machines that are fantastic to fly either line of sight or FPV.

Heres some of my recent adventures…

Eco Frames… EY650 New Flash

July 30, 2011

A couple of hours in the workshop last night saw the birth of the EY650 prototype multicopter frame, its another Y6 set-up with 500mm motor centres so that I can use the more readily available 10×4 props.

The frame body is quite a bit different to the EY630, I wanted some body further back to allow better positioning of the battery pack to make balancing easier.

I plan on using this motor from RC Timer…

RC Timer 2830-11

Heres the EY650 alongside its smaller sister the EY630… I’ll cut the motor mounts for it this afternoon.

EY650 next to the EY630

In the shop… kopter crazy

July 25, 2011

So… me being a cheap skate got me thinking… why risk the chance of wrecking my posh Skye Spider 200 frame when I can easily recreate a good sturdy low cost frame out of ply and pine square, so I headed off the the local get stuff cheap shop and got a couple of 4’x2′ 4mm ply boards and 12 metres of 12mm pine square for a mere £1o.

Back in the shop I start looking at other frames available and settle on a Y6 frame style, this has 6 motors with 3 on top and 3 below opposed, my thoughts being that its easier to make than the Spider 200 style frame and still gives me redundancy if a motor fails.

After an hour of tinkering in CAD I had something that looked about right, designed around 8×4 props with 300mm motor centres.

I printed the plan parts on A4 paper, cut out what I needed, grabbed a saw, some CA and went at my new stock of wood, an evenings work later had the frame pretty much done!

With motors, lipo and camera she comes out at 640g’s… I’ve calculated that she’ll hover around 50% throttle, not perfect but fine for a beginner.

I’ve ordered another controller board with the Y6 firmware pre loaded from the real nice guy at Multi RC Shop and I’m waiting for my close wise rotating props from Micron Radio Control, I wasnt that impressed with their service, they only sent me half the props (all counter rotating) and charged a massive £5 postage on something which I know doesnt cost that much to package and post… oh well, I’ll be getting my props from else where in future.

Now its a waiting game… while waiting I’m going to design a Y6 frame around 10×4 props and some 2830-11 motors from RCTimer.

Busy busy!

Scratch it… The Ute

July 21, 2011

To date I’ve flown mostly wings via FPV with exception of my Sonic 185 glider, none of these had undercarriage and I felt like I was missing a big part of flying… rolling take-off’s and landings.

I also wanted to try a more conventional planform to see how it compares, the concept of an FPV utility plane was born, something that’s rugged, versatile, has short take off and landing ability and is cheap and easy to put together with materials I have around me.

With extruded polystyrene foam, balsa and ply to hand I set at it. I sheeted some foam to around 10mm thickness and started cutting… I thought I’d make this one up as I went along.


Well that didnt take long did it!

Flight report and video to come.

In the shop…. Skye Spider 200

July 17, 2011

Always being one for wanting to try new things I’d been lusted over an FPV mutlicopter for some time but thought the costs would be to great… I then watched this video and yet again I was truly inspired…

Spurred on by such an amazing video and the amazing flight characteristics of the multicopter used I started to look at what I could achieve on a tight budget and was surprised to find that it wouldn’t break the bank.

I’d seen some guys talking about the Skye Spider on the forum and liked its looks alot, with a little investigation I found that it was the same design used in the Cameroon video… that was me sold and I placed an order almost immediately.

Skye Spider 200 from

Skye Spider 200

To go with the frame I bought 6 1800kv 20amp 35g motors, 6 30amps ECS’s and a KK 5.5d Pro controller board for a little shy of £100… thats all the main parts I need as I’ll be using the 2200 3s packs I already run as my standard pack and I’ve got radio RX’s kicking around.

I thought I’d have to buy extra gyros and other fancy equipment but the KK controller board comes with everything ready to go, just solder your ESC power wires onto the boards power distribution board, plug in the ESC control leads and plug the supplied male to male leads into the radio RX, after that a little bit of trimming either via the onboard controller or radio TX and I should be flying!

So… the frame went together like a jigsaw, yeah there were a few little things I had to adjust but nothing serious, I’ve got as far as I can for the moment as the controller board mounts were missing from the kit but they’ll be here next week… here she is with motors in looking all mtulicopterish… I cannibalised some landing skids off a Twister 3D heli I had lurking around the workshop, fits treat!

Skye Spider 200 with motors and skid

Getting overly excited about the possibilities of multicopter flight I raced out early this morning to get a Maccy D breakfast (always gets the wife out of bed!) and a load of wood so that I can recreate similar frames to the Spider at a fraction of the cost…. hopefully!

to be continued


July 6, 2011

Recently if someone had told me that this year had skipped summer and jumped straight from spring to autumn or some how I’d managed to sleep through the summer months I would have believed them… where is summer?!

Just as I was about to abandon so called sunny Cornwall the sun finally shows her face, last weekend was simply stunning. We were blessed with two days of glorious blue skies and burning sun, out came the shorts, on went the sun cream and off we head to some local flying sites.

For two days we enjoyed that summer vibe, lying in the long grass, enjoying the beautiful scenery and reveling in the warm calm air… bliss…

While enjoying the sun I had only one other thing on my mind… FPV… I had a new WDR600 flight camera to test and wanted a load of video from my HD keycam so that I could enter this months video competition.

After many hours of baking sun, flying and subsequent sun burn I had the video footage I wanted and set about creating my vid… I’m not totally happy with it, it needs some tidying but my pc was getting painfully slow and started to fall over due to the processing I was asking from it so I did a bit of cut and shut in my usual stylee.


March 25, 2011

The FPV adventure continues… I wanted something a bit bigger than the Windrider Beevolution, something a bit more stable and less effected by wind… so luck had it that a Windrider Scout Bee was going cheap in the UK so I nabbed it quick.

Its a great plane but has some design flaws, nothing that cant be worked with tho. The nice thing about the bigger wing is I can carry more weight if I feel the need, so I can carry another lipo to double my duration and or mount a heavier HD camera if I feel the need or keep it light for summer soaring. For the money its an ideal 60″ FPV wing, if I manage to break it (cant see that happening) I’ll buy another.

Heres a quick vid from the scout bee doing some ground busting…